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Virtual Transcranial Doppler and Cerebral Hemodynamics 

ICA stenosis example

The TCD Simulator is a combination of a detailed cerebral hemodynamics model with simulated Doppler, CBF, and other hemodynamic monitoring instrumentation. Thanks to recent development in computers, it is now possible to represent detailed hemodynamic events in real time — this was previously only possible using supercomputers or analog circuits to solve the differential equations.

The Virtual Reality Model has been integrated with e-book text to give a comprehensive course in Cerebral Hemodynamics and Transcranial Doppler. Even 3-D models of the anatomy of the cerebral arteries are included for training of hands-on ultrasound probe handling.

Cerebrovascular Diseases can be realistically explored and studied in the the Transcranial Doppler Simulator. The screenshot above illustrates collateral flow in the Circle of Willis using TCCD. The study material includes a variety of of cerebrovascular pathology :

The TCD Simulator also offers the opportunity to create your own example of patients with unique vascular variations. Both the cerebrovascular as well as the central hemodynamics can be individually set from a set of consoles that control the parameters of the simulation. Even specialists in the cerebral circulation have found this feature very interesting and used the simulator for demos in their presentations.

The current Version 3.2 of the TCD simulator has a new user interface (touch-screen included) and more realistic simulation of the Doppler signal. New is also simulation of M-mode Doppler as well as Transcranial Color Coded Doppler (TCCD) imaging of the flow velocities

Click here to go to the download page for the free Trial Version of the TCD simulator. Note that it requires Windows 7, 8, or 10. Screen resolution of 1600 x 1024 or more is recommended. After installing the trial version of the program, you can upgrade to the unlimited version by purchasing an Activation Key (€ 49.00).

The author of this interactive program is Dr. Rune Aaslid CV [PDF] — who co-introduced TCD in 1982 and has contributed with numerous publications and 2 books on Transcranial Doppler.

Our TCD simulator is software based only. For hardware-based simulation using a physical model connected to a computer, visit Sheehan Medical LLC