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Note to users of TCD Simulator 3.0 and/or 3.1: We recommend uninstalling these versions before installing version 3.2. (Open Window Settings and select Apps where "TCD Simulator" is listed). And the activation key you have received for 3.0 or 3.1 will now work in the new version.

TCD Simulator 3.2 Download and Installation:

Download the file TCDsetup.exe   (about 18 MBytes)

Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation. After installation you can start the TCD Simulator from the newly created Desktop Shortcut or the entry TCD Simulator in the Apps listing. From there you may drag it on to the Windows Taskbar if desired.

Security Note: After download, Windows security may post a warning recommending that you delete the program because it is an uncertified executable. Moreover, when you proceed with starting it, a new warning may appear with a Do not Run button as the appearent only choice. To be able to run the installer just click on the More Information link in the posted warning and a button with the choice of Run Anyway will be available. Rest assured, this installer and the TCD program are safe and virusfree.

While I do respect these concerns in this age of viruses, both in spiky and digital variants, it makes it a bit hard for small audience developers like me to publish their products. In this case, however, the fact is that the author has more than 50 years of programming experience in all kinds of computer languages, having coded the main software that ran generations of TCD instruments, from the very first commercial unit: the TC2-64 by EME, the Trans-scan also by EME, the MultiDop X by DWL, all the way to the recent TCD-X  by Atys Medical.