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Buy an Activation Key for TCD Simulator 3.0

Activation of all features of the TCD Simulator requires a license payment of € 49.00. The Activation Key will be sent to you by e-mail, and the license is valid for all your personal computers. We accept payment via PayPal's secure website, or by bank transfer. Please also check your spam folder if your e-mail internet provider has spam filtering.

For most countries, membership in PayPal is not required for normal creditcard processing using their secure website.

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More about TCD Simulator Activation

If you have not done so already, TCD Simulator 3.0 can be downloaded from our website. At startup, it will run as a trial version so that its proper function on your computer can be checked. It also includes the Introduction chapter of the e-book. The following chapters, shown in the table of contents, will be accessible after activation.

When activated, the TCD simulator includes simulation of practically all forms of cerebrovascular pathology where diagnosis and monitoring by TCD is relevant. It is therefore of particular value for medical personell involved in applying the TCD exam and interpreting the results.

Page Updated: 2019-10-06