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  Transcranial Doppler (TCD)

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Download the zipped file (about 4 MBytes)

Click on the link above to start downloading the file.

( Winzip extraction utility is available at   )

TCD Simulator Installation

After program has been downloaded, just double-click on it to open it in the Winzip utility. When you unzip (extract) the files it is important that the checkbox Use Folder Names is checked. You may use a temporary folder for the extracted files, which may be deleted after installation.

After extracting the files, double-click on the Setup program in the folder TCDsim to install the TCD simulator. The TCD simulator will start automatically after the installation process has finished.

To remove the program from your computer, start TCD Simulator and use the Uninstall TCD simulator entry on the File menu.

Possible Problems

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Updated March, 2013

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