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Download the setup file TCDsetup.exe (about 4 MBytes)

Click on the link above to start download. If your network does not allow download of *.exe files, a zipped version is available.

TCD Simulator Installation

After the TCDsetup program has been downloaded, just double-click on it to start installation. In Windows Vista, you must be logged on with Administrator privileges to install the program.

To remove the program from your computer, start TCD Simulator and use the Uninstall TCD simulator entry on the File menu.

TCD Simulator Professional Activation

At startup, the TCD Simulator Version 2.3 will run in the Basic Version. This allows simulation and examples of basic cerebrovascular physiology. Moreover, the principles and investigation techniques of Transcranial Doppler can be explored and studied. While the Basic Version is free, the Professional Version requires a license payment (49.00 euros). The Professional Version includes practically all forms of cerebrovascular pathology where diagnosis and monitoring by TCD is relevant. It is therefore of particular value for medical personel involved in applying the TCD exam and interpreting the results.

To activate the Professional Version, goto our Activation page . After receiving the license payment, we shall send you an 8 character Activation Key that enables the professional features.

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Updated March, 2013

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